We have a proud history of making high quality maple Syrup. It’s been a tradition in our family for over fifty years.

The Cooper-Ellis family has been in the maple syrup business for over fifty years. During the 1950’s and 60’s we sold maple syrup under the Cooper-Ellis Sugar Makers label. Today, Fraser and Peter Cooper-Ellis jointly own and operate CE Maple, one of the largest and most respected Southern-Vermont maple syrup farms.

CE Maple is known for producing consistently high-quality, Vermont maple syrup. In addition to CE Maple, Fraser and Peter both individually own and operate retail, maple syrup businesses. Fraser owns and operates Fraser’s Vermont Maple. Peter owns and operates Hidden Springs Maple.

Hidden Springs Maple is a family maple farm in Putney, Vermont where we started making maple syrup over 50 years ago. Our sugar bush spans over 1,000 acres in Putney and Westminster West, Vermont. hidden springs 2

  1. In what year did your company begin operation?


  1. How do you define success? Are you “there” yet?

We want to be known as THE source for quality maple syrup representing many small family farms in Vermont. We are primarily a retail internet business – although we also have successful farm store in Putney, Vermont and a growing wholesale business. We have made a great start, but we are not there yet.

  1. How long did it take to be successful? What challenges did your face in establishing your company?

During the very early days (2010) we ran a Deal Chicken (similar to Groupon) special. We received over 6,000 online orders in the space of about 4 hours. We didn’t have the syrup, the jugs, the mailers or the staff to fill the orders. We survived, and the experience made us stronger.

  1. How long did your initial roll-out for the above product line take (months or years?) and how much did it cost? ($5,000? $20,000?) What kind of funding was available to you?

It took us about a year to develop our logo, label designs, get our website up and running and get our first product bottled and ready for sale. We are self-funded and our startup costs were around $100,000.

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  1. Please share your insights and advice for new to industry companies.

Plan to adjust your product and marketing strategy using the early feedback from the marketplace.

  1. How do you define your “vision?” Where do you see your enterprise in 5 or 10 years?

“We are the provider of Vermont maple syrup from small family farms in Vermont. We  continue to grow, we compensate our employees fairly including providing competitive vacation, wellness and health benefits. We continue to grow our farm business. We have additional farm store locations. We have created a compelling gift order capability and experience for our customers.”

  1. How would you define your exhibitor experience in the 2016 Specialty Food Association Winter Show? What was your total investment (booth, travel, drayage, promotion, etc?)

 We had a great experience at the 2016 show. We spent less than $5,000.

 How did participation in the Show impact your business? Did the exposure encourage buyers to buy? Will you be exhibiting in the 2016 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City?

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We have acquired several valuable customers as a result of our attendance at the SFA Winter Show, and we will be exhibiting at the 2016 SFA Summer Show in New York.

Contact: Hidden Springs Maple, Peter Cooper-Ellis, CEO

162 Westminster West Road, Putney, Vermont 05346

802-387-5200. email: info@hiddenspringsmaple.com; Website: hiddenspringsmaple.com