Lizbeth Lane Gourmet Cuisine, LLC

All Natural Simmer Sauces
“You make the meal. We’ll make it fabulous!”

Mini Case Study Lisbeth Lane Gourmet Cuisine

Rid Francisco and Michael Dernoga are two great cooks who have received their share of compliments for their great kitchen skills and creative recipe creations. So, they set out to make four totally unique simmer sauces in a market that is flooded with sauces, marinades and glazes. Flavors include Lemon Piccata, Roasted Red Pepper and Basil Cream, Mediterranean Tomato and Marsala and Tarragon plus three newly introduced pizza sauces.

1. In what year did your company begin operation?

April 2009

2. How do you define success? Are you “there” yet?

Success is a state of how you feel about your business, not just financial success. We feel that our success is an ongoing adventure—it’s really about the journey with all its twists and turns, not the destination. In other words, if you continue to grow then you are being successful.

3. How long did it take to be successful?

We have established momentum which promises to take us to new heights in the gourmet food business. This is our “success” to date. Our drive and commitment is our success.

4. How long did your initial roll-out for the above product line take (months or years?) and how much did it cost? ($5,000? $20,000?) What kind of funding was available to you?

It took us about 6 months to roll out our line of Lizbeth Lane all natural and gluten free simmer sauces. We started with selling to small gourmet stores and now work with distributors which have increased our market coverage substantially. As for funding, we have used our own funds to start and maintain the business. No loans to date. We are trying to minimize debt and cost of doing business.

5. Please share your insights and advice for new to industry companies.

The best advice we can give is: it takes twice as long to get it going as you think it will. It’s a tough, tough business and there is plenty of competition and hidden costs that crop up as you grow. The trick is to take small steps to gain momentum. Keep the momentum going to help build your brand.

Be sure to also reach out to the trade and establish a solid foundation on the business side before spending money on consumer promotion or advertising.

6. How would you define your “vision”? Where do you envision Lisbeth Lane Cuisine in 5 or 10 years?

Our vision is to be a national brand that people recognize within 3-5 years. We plan to continue creating new items which are unique and a healthier food choice. Again, it’s about building the brand and what that brand name stands for.

Ridgely Francisco
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