“What started out as a small line of gourmet specialty condiments created in Australia, some with very, very homemade labels, a market and a bit of fun, fast became an instant hit.

In the early days 0f 2010, the product line grew from five products to thirty in a matter of months. The line was made up of multi-purpose spice blends, salts, jelly, dukkah (an Egyptian origin blend of toasted hazelnuts, seeds with cumin and caraway), dressings, sauces and condiments, each blended for individual palates with creativity in mind. Each of our products has a story behind it, a conception in place and time.”

Enjoy our journey and welcome to Wozz! Kitchen Creations!
Company Name: Wozz! Kitchen Creations/Triple Ale Onion Spread & Ginger Soy Infusion Dressing (Sofi Gold Winners) and
Spiced Beet Vinegar (Sofi Silver Finalist)
1. In what year did your company begin operation?
We started in December 2010 in Australia after being abroad for nearly ten years. We started building the business and getting design work done before we even had a phone number. We operated for two years before making our move stateside and our official US start-up began May 2013.

2. How do you define success? Are you “there” yet?
I think every mini goal achieved is a success story. Gradually, you join all those moments together. As an example, at our first event in Australia, the very first customer that stopped at our booth tasted, praised and bought our products. Right then and there we felt like a success; we had already won.

3. How long did it take to be successful? What challenges did your face in establishing your company?
Of course, after each success story there is another mini-success story right behind it waiting to be achieved. Each and every one is a challenge in its own right. Our biggest challenge, beyond the details, is growth. Every big step in growth is like restarting a business. All your systems and processes need to be revaluated and adjusted.

4. How long did your initial roll-out for the above product line take (months or years?) and how much did it cost? ($5,000? $20,000?) What kind of funding was available to you?
We started with $5,000 and made a rule that the business needed to always pay its way. No dipping into savings. No buying more jars, more labels until you had enough in sales to cover it.

5. Please share your insights and advice for new to industry companies. Don’t hold back!
At this stage we still have more questions than answers. It would take many more years of experience before I had concrete advice to give. The best advice we have been given is to hold onto your cash flow! Don’t over invest in bulk ordering to save a nickel until you can afford to.

6. How would you define your “vision”? Where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years?
We do this for lifestyle and that is important to us. Our vision is to keep that in perspective. We grow slowly, responsibly and keep some time for us. After two start-ups and a continental move, we have made plenty of sacrifices. We are not racing to the finish line; we believe that solid steady growth has lead to better business decisions in the long run. Sometimes if you try to get too big, too fast you get nowhere real fast.

7. Aside from your sofi awards, was it a successful show? What was your total investment?
It is a big investment, and we kept ours on the frugal side (with all things considered) at $7000. It has been completely worth it and we have gained access to retailers all over the country. Winning the SFA sofi awards put us on a national stage and we are very grateful.

Website: wozzkitchencreations.com

Warrick Dowsett
Wozz! LLC
P. O. Box 87
Bethlehem, New Hampshire 03574
email: info@wozzkitchencreations.com; Website: wozzkitchencreations.com