What do you think of these? How do they stack up against yours?

 VISION – Victoria’s Kitchen Almond Water

“There are hundreds of companies going into the functional beverage space but not a lot of companies are actually trying to capture the low-hanging fruit of the industry. The majority of consumers have been drinking sodas, high fructose corn syrup beverages and juices for the last 50 years. I don’t think everyone is going “diet” or “zero-calorie” overnight. I certainly am not. I like my drinks with a hint of sweetness and very refreshing. I don’t need probiotics, caffeine or electrolytes.”

“Some people are going organic, some people are going functional. But the majority of consumers are just looking for a lightly-sweetened alternative that is delicious, refreshing and with clean, easy-to-read ingredients. That is exactly who we are. Within five years, Victoria’s Kitchen will be one the market leaders in tasty, refreshing beverages and become a serious competitor for players much larger than us.”

VISION – Beachy Cream Organic Ice Cream

“My vision is to continue to expand the distribution of our ice cream and to carry the organic message about sustainable food production that’s so important to the future of our food supply. Fortunately, we are able to serve this up in a sweet package that everyone can enjoy.”

VISION – The Paleo Diet Foods, LLC

“In five years we want an expanded product line offering a less expensive product. This will mean we have grown and can then pass our savings on to the consumer.”

“As we grow, we are dedicated to producing optimal eats for the hunter-gatherer lifestyle by combining the finest all-natural ingredients to strike the tastiest balance without compromising nutritional value. Our ongoing commitment is to consistently produce and supply superior nutrition and to uphold the principles of The Paleo Diet™.”

“We want to be the ‘go to’ brand for any and all things Paleo. The consumer knows and trusts our products and our ingredients. They see our branding and logos and  make the purchase because they know it works and it offers the consumer the best options.”

VISION  –  Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce and Rubs

“Our ‘vision’ or motto from our inception has been “Reward Lives in the House of Risk.” There is no better synonym for entrepreneur than risk taker. We try to take calculated risks that limit our exposure to negative impacts on our business when possible. We have taken many risks over the years that, if we were playing poker, would be called all in where we risked sinking to the bottom if we failed to rise to the top. Because we haven’t been averse to taking risks, we have been able to grow our company from a small unknown hyper local small business into a nationally recognized company that continues to grow and expand our product offerings – new for 2015 is our line of Pork Barrel BBQ Bacon Jerky.”

‘Over the next five to ten years we hope to continue to grow Pork Barrel BBQ at an aggressive yet manageable pace. It has always been our desire to grow beyond a line of BBQ products into a nationally recognized brand. We plan to accomplish this through wise stewardship of our product line, development of new product lines and prudently choosing individuals and partner companies. During this time, we have every hope that a larger company, with greater resources, will recognize the value we have created with Pork Barrel BBQ, and will be willing to take Pork Barrel BBQ to the next level.”

 VISION – McClary’s Old Time Drinking Vinegars – (7 Flavors)

“McClary Bros. has grown and widened so rapidly; it is hard for me to hold my vision to a timeline. Rather, I want to keep spreading our brand, building our business on the quality and inventiveness that our fans have come to expect.”

“I have new ideas in R&D but have yet to decide what is actually going to move us forward. It’s a very exciting time!”